I thought of texting you
"good morning, I can’t sleep"
and then I remembered
that you are on a journey
which I am not a part of
and that’s okay
good morning
I can’t sleep

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interviewer: any special talents?

me: image

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By me :) xx

A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.
Do not fall in love with people like me.
I will take you to
museums, and parks, and monuments,
and kiss you in every beautiful
place, so that you can
never go back to them
without tasting me
like blood in your mouth.
I will destroy you in the most
beautiful way possible.
And when I leave
you will finally understand,
why storms are named after people. Paraphrased and mixed from Katrina, M.K., and Unknown 
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You either like me or you don’t. It took me twenty-something years to learn how to love myself, I don’t have that kinda time to convince somebody else. Daniel Franzese   (via housewifeswag)

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